Customers of French restaurants will know if you are eating frozen chips or real ‘homemade’ chips. A new label to promote fresh products comes to force.

The logo "fait maison" (homemade), is intended to reward the chefs who make more than to heat pre-cooked or half-cooked meals; in short real frauds (fudge), unknown to consumer.

Once almost all French restaurants prepared their dishes with fresh ingredients. However, the hotel industry Union of Professions (UHIP) says that 85% of French restaurants (150,000) serve frozen and vacuum-packed food without telling their customers.

They buy everything from the boeuf bourguignon (burgundy beef) to the tarte tatin (tatin cake) from industrial manufacturers, they only heat in microwave and serve for ten times the wholesale price.

The new logo in the shape of a saucepan with a roof like a lid, now marked next to single dishes, on the menu, shows that they are prepared and cooked at home.