Nutritional labeling will be mandatory for almost all prepackaged foods, starting from 12.14.2016. Pre-packaged food will have to report in the label a nutritional table of 7 elements (with the option to add the eighth one, fibre) starting from 12.14.2014.

The application field of the regulation is effectively extended to the products distributed, not just those 'sold', by the communities, understood as bars and public places, restaurants, canteens, catering places. The obligation for the terms and conditions by restaurant owners, is still being considered by the European Commission. It is very possible that they will introduce an obligation to communicate the presence of allergens in foods administered.

Obviously, this would involve a lot of problems to restaurateurs, - solvable by adopting our long-lasting and continuative services – the nutritional table can be calculated - by expert professional men - referring to authoritative bibliographical sources and not only from an analytical assessment of laboratory.